I am a chinese student ,I am sorry to ask you this question-why American hate the number 13?
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Many occidental dislike this number 13.

This habbit originally comes from the religion, number 13 or 3 or Friday, they are all the symbol of bad luck and disaster
I don't think we hate the number, but it's considered unlucky. It's pretty silly, but a lot of hotels won't have a 13th floor, and very few builders will construct a staircase with 13 steps. I just did some searching online, and apparently in Norse mythology, there was a banquet for 12 and the 13th person came and killed Odin's son. And of course, at the Last Supper, there were 13th people and the days following THAT didn't go so well either.
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It's said that Lamb of god died in one of the 13th
It's the first time that I know some people believe that number 13 is unlucky!! Is there a main reason or maybe an event happened which cases this habit among some people?
I didn't know it that Americans hate 13.We Iranians n also Muslims believe that it's evil and wicked.
Some people think it's because No numbers can be divided to it.The 13th a day in the 'Safar' (a month in arabic calendar) is very wicked day among us.Some devotees after this day thank God if no problems happens to them.
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Thanks mbm. I had never heard this before.

Again, we don't think it's wicked, just unlucky.
Same goes for germany. Some people believe that friday 13th is a bad day. So they don't go out and stay in their house. I've really heard of people doing this. I suppose they are just superstitious. The fact of people thinking negatively about the number 13 is historically grown, even though I can't instance any examples.
yea mbm2000 mehdi as we believe in (SAFAR), but we have some reasons about that,
but what about number 13 is there any especial story???
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