culture-bound = culture-restricted = culture-closely-related?


Stories of unguided practitioners or inexpertly guided students developing chronic mental and physical health problems as a result of such training are not uncommon. [1] A term used by English speaking practitioners and teachers for one example of this syndrome is "Qigong Psychosis" (Now included in the DSM-IV as a culture-bound syndrome: Qi-Gong Psychotic Reaction: DSM-IV General Information: Appendix I, Outline for Cultural Formulation and Glossary of Culture-Bound Syndromes). Another aspect of improper training involves frauds and deliberate acts of charlatans who promote themselves as qigong "healers" and promise miracle cures of any conceivable affliction for the right amount of money. Traditionally, qigong is considered more of a health maintenance regimen, and any promises of miracle cures should, according to traditional teachers and practitioners, be viewed with suspicion and approached with great caution.
Yes, "culture restricted" is the meaning. Interesting citation NL888.