I was asked to bring an article of the culture shocks of the English Speaking Countries such as United States, England and Australia.

I am just wondering if anyone knows any.

Can you say the days like Valentine's Day or Halloween Day as culture shocks?

Thanks in advance.
In the UK we have the right to barearms (I wear a T-shirt!) Emotion: wink

When I visited America, the biggest culture shock was that small children addressed me as "sir". Back home they say "hey, mister!"
Other possible culture shocks could include

Food, attitudes to older people, attitudes to children, use of swear words, and queuing(!).
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If the celebration of those holidays shocks you as a strange and unsettling way of life or behaviour, then use them. It is hard for me to guess what you might find wierd and unfamiliar about my culture. How about the right to bear arms?-- that scares me a bit, and it's my own culture.
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Thanks, Mr. MM, Eimai_Anglos and nona the brit