Personal Data

Name Lucky Fox

Address XXXX

Telephone xxxxx

E-mail xxxxxx

Date of birth 07.02.198x

Educational background

Since Oct. 2005 University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen (FHS)

Bachelor- Studies in Business Administration

2002 – 2003 Berufsmittelschule,(???????) St. Gallen

1999 – 2002 Vocational , Uzwil

1996 – 1999 Secondary School, Uzwil

2005 3 Weeks Language stay in

2002 4 Weeks Language stay in

2000 2 Weeks Language stay in

Professional experience

Since April 2006 Junior-Consultant, Amrop Hever Executive Search, Zumikon

10/ 2003 – 3/2005 Investigation Assistant, MigrosBank Zurich

1999- 2002 Commercial Apprenticeship, Benninger AG, Uzwil


Languages German Mother tongue

English Good knowledge (Advanced Certificate)

French Good knowledge (DELF Certificate)

Additional skills Adept IT- knowledge (Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office)

Personal interests

Hobbies Travelling & Culture

I'd flesh out the work experience a bit. At the moment all you are giving them is a job title - and it is not clear what you actually did there.

It's also a good idea these days to list the computer programs you are competent in.
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Hy nona,

Thanks for checking my CV and the advice!
I have some recommendation as follows




Date of Birth:



Marital Status:

Project Reference:

Project description Clients Year

ABC XYZ 1900

Other Qualification and skills:

Computer Skills: OS, MSoffice...........

Language: English

Availability: 1 month notice required

Expected Salary: $99999999999
Expected Salary: $99999999999

Why just $99999999999 when you can have $9999999999999999? :lol:

However you need to describe your work experience, emphasizing its pratical aspects.

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