I was thinking about how it doesn't seem that many younger people (at least in my experience) use cursive handwriting that often anymore, and I got to thinking about how familiar non-native speakers of English may be with cursive. So, I just wanted to ask what people's experience with cursive was. Do they teach it in English classes? Is it the same in other languages with a Latin alphabet? I'm curious to know what experience non-natives speakers have had with it.
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Hi YC!

As regards my native language I can say that since I was a child I've been taught to write in a cursive handwriting; our teachers in primary, middle and high school wanted us to write our Italian compositions in cursive rigorously.
It was the same in my English classes; I've had an English native teacher and she wanted us to write in cursive, plus she taught us how to write in a "English way". I'll explain this better: we used to write the "w" in a typical Italian way and she taught us how to write the "w" in a English way (don't know if I was clear in this point, though)
What's the difference between an English "W" and an Italian one?
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Difficult to explain, I'll try: we usually cross the 2 "v" while English people use a continuous line; we put 1 v on the other, they put the 2 "v" very close: vv. Is it clear, maybe? Emotion: embarrassed
What does a cursive handwriting mean?:(
Hey Pucca, in typography you would say it as "italic"; it's the opposite of "block letters" Emotion: smile
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Fran, thanks for your explanation..but I still don't get it..maybe it's because it's Sunday?:P
Uh, this thread is interesting...
How do Americans (or other native speakers of English) write when they write by hand? In Italy we usually use cursive, so almost all the letters are commonly joined together. Students in school or in college usually write their essays in cursive...
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I ussually use cursive when turning in my assianments, but sometimes when I am tired, I don't.
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