Dear All

Here I am writing a customer complaint hirtory.could you correct this letter?

Dear xxxxxxx
Our technician attent this customer complaint morethan three times.He can not find any problem with this machine but customer saying still he facing the same problem.This customer telling that his cloths are damaging (broking threds----)during washing time.We brought this unit to our service center for cheching but we can not find such a problem.Now this customer refuced this unit mean while customer need want unit replacement or refund.


Dear *** ,

Our technician has attended to this customer's complaint four times. He cannot find any problem with this machine, but the customer continues to complain that he is still facing the same problem. He says that his clothes have been damaged (broken threads) during washing. We brought this unit to our service center to examine it, but we could not find any problem with it. Now the customer has refused this unit and wants a replacement or refund.

Dear Sir

Thank you very much for your immediate responce