There is one guy who's talking about some stuff he was doing, talking to some people, attending meetings and then a new paragraph starts and he says: That was a month before. So now cut to the G8 and they have gone as far as they can but it's still not far enough. And they are all not speaking to each other and it's very tense.

1. I understand that "That month before" refers to what he was doing earlier (before the G8) and now he says "So now cut...." I'm just wondering what "cut" may mean? Maybe it means "I sneaked into the G8 summit"?

NewguestI'm just wondering what "cut" may mean?
To make an abrupt change of image or sound, as in filming: cut from one shot to another.

So, here the speaker is saying something like "OK, now it's suddenly a month later and in a different setting..."
Thanks you RayH!