There is a paragraph about a photo which I'm going to write and give the photo's link:

"And we are left, finally, with the concerned curious look of the bespectacled man, a natural portrait of a protester, which cuts against the policeman's theatrics of power." Would you please give me a synonym or a clue of the bold words? And here is the image:



Nesa Asgari
We're contrasting the actual image with the ideal image.

The person we're describing does not fit the typical conception of a policeman, whose job requires that he project an image/facade of power.

cuts against = flies in the face of

Theatrics = acting/makeup

Edit. Woops! I misunderstood.

The photo contrasts the two actual images of the two actual men. Everything is real.

The policeman is not acting or pretending, but he is a perfect caricature of power.

The bespectacled man is a perfect caricature of a helpless but unafraid protester.

The theatrics of power would be the way you would create an actor to play this part perfectly.

The bespectacled man stands in sharp contrast to the policeman.
Dear friend, thank you.