from the movie True Grit (2010):
"you should see him cut the Sun"
(said in description of one of the US marshalls- tracker)

could anyone explain the idiom "cut the sun", please? thank you!
Hello, Lena - and welcome to English Forums. The phrase has no meaning for me without further context.
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Mister Micawber, thank you very much for the warm welcome, and for your effort to help me!
Forgive me for this question, it made no sense to me, either, and now i see why... I found the script of the movie, and originally they say "cut for sign", and not as in english subtitles i had (found on the net)

Anyway, the dialogue goes like this:
Mattie: " who's the best marshal?"
Sheriff: "...I reckon William Waters is the best tracker. He's half Comanche, and it is something to see him cut for sign ..."

And, again, my apology for wasting your time Emotion: embarrassed
'Cut for sign' here I imagine means to move off the main trail in order to look for the tracks (sign) of whomever they are tracking.
thanks for that one. been wondering about the meaning of the phrase as well
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'Sign' is any physical evidence -- tracks, scat, broken or disturbed foliage -- that indicate recent presence of an animal or person (presumably, the animal or person being tracked). To 'cut' for sign is simply to look for it; it does not imply anything about moving/not moving off the 'main trail.'

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