That's another one from a junior school mathbook. The answer is purely mathematical (i.e. unapplicableEmotion: smile

A cook is preparing cutlets. Each cutlet needs to be fried 5 minutes on one side, 5 minutes on the other. There is room for exactly 4 cutlets on the cook's frying pan. What is the MINIMAL time for preparing 6 cutlets?
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No rush if you use two frying pans! 1+1= 2. Dead easy in ten minutes you have them all fried!
Ok, have to admit that it doesn't contradict to the data I provided. Free way of thinking is a great advantage, maj!

But the trouble is that in the original task only 1 frying pan is available - it's a dumb mathematical taskEmotion: smile Everything's honest, don't try to catch me at words. These are plain numbers that work here.
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I bet you can't cook. Why should one make his/her own life so difficult when there is such a simple solution at hand?
Bubr, 15 minutes?
Lol Thanks!
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Yep. 15 minutes.

As long as I can cook, I could say that 10 minutes is also achieveable time. Because cutlets shrink as they begin to fryEmotion: smile And I can also say that the method that leads to 15 minutes result is nonsence to a real cook. But that's a dull mathEmotion: smile

It is funny to hear what people say about the task. 'The cutlets shrink!' 'Take another frying pan!' 'Stop hurrying, the people won't starve during another 5 minutes!' 'Re-arrange the cutlets to make 4 out of 6!' 'Fry the rest 2 on sides first!'. But the method leading to the 15-minutes answer that the book suggested is well ahead of all other methods for its obscurity.

Can you describe it, Linh?
And - what is life without difficulties we invent for ourselves, maj?Emotion: smile
You find the pleasure of life in the most simple things, BURB. Wouldn't you agree?
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