Hello Guys,
I'm working on my CV I'm from Poland so English is my foreign language but I have to write my CV in English to. 
I'm an engineer of computer science and have many problems with words in my field.
Should I use gerund forms or others ?  For example Implementation of new IT system or Implementating of new IT systems  which form is corect ?
Hello vvojtek-- and welcome to English Forums.

In part it depends on your specific layout and presentation. Generally, I suggest that you use active voice in paragraphs (I implemented a new IT system, monitored its effectiveness, and reported to the General Manager) and use the noun forms in listing-- and you will soon discover that you must use the -ing forms when no other form exists:

My duties included:

- Implementation of a new IT system
- Monitoring of its effectiveness
- Reporting to the General Manager

If almost all of them are -ing forms, then change the other(s) to match: Implementing of a new IT system.
If almost all of them are -ion forms, then rephrase the other(s) to match: Observation of its effectiveness.
Thanks! Emotion: smile