Hi! I'm preparing my CV in english to send to some companies around the world. I would like to make a simple CV without a specific focus for a special job. I'd like to now if it's possible to you to take a look at it and correct it if necessary, or give me some tips.

Another doubt it's about the date. I forgot the correct format of the date in a letter, for example: São Paulo May, 5th 1999. (that's correct???)
Where is it? Can you post it ? (excluding your more personal contact details)
My name

Profession: Civil Engineer
Date of birth: ***/***/***
Place of birth: São Paulo, SP Brazil
Marital Status: Single
Address: ***
e-mail: ***
Phone: ***


Universidade Estadual de Campinas – UNICAMP
B.S. Civil Engineering / Conclusion: September - 2000

Universidade Estadual de São Paulo – USP (PECE)
Specialisation in Fire Protection Engineer / Conclusion: May-2003


May 1999 – July 2000
Prefeitura da Universidade de Campinas (Campinas University City Hall)
Urbanism and Environment Department
Development of a Water Conservation Project for the university campus.
Congress of Scientific initialisation about the results of the project.

September 2000 – Nowadays
*** Company
Working as a civil engineer in hydraulic design for buildings and industrial plants. The company is developing excellent projects for triple-A commercial buildings which I’m the leading and responsible engineer in the fire protection systems and hydraulic systems. I also work with the administrative and financial department, besides the direct contact with clients.


Fluent English; Spanish and Brazilian nationality
English courses: St Giles School – Brighton / England ( Jan / 1995)
British and American (Conclusion July / 2003 – São Paulo, SP)
Computer skills: (Advanced user) Windows, Office, Internet, Autocad
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You might want to include something about your hobbies (very brief) and future interests & goals..
Dear Sir, i am looking for an agent to represent the company Sealocrete PLA LTD.


170 products manufactured on the plant
sealant, expoxy system, joint, admixture, hardener etc

please email your interest at
Email Removed

Richard Kingston
Independent Export Market Research Fellow
If you would like to send a copy in a .doc format, as a Fire Protection company, I could have someone in HR have a look at it for you - send to . Moderator Note: If you register, you can put your contact info in your profile. By the way, this thread has been dormant for 5 years.
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