Should /d/ in /adv/ be pronounced? Slightly? how slightly, almost inaudible?

(A teacher told me I mispronounced advertisement, for I pronounced /d/ too articulately.

I've heard them via some online dictionaries, the results are bewildering. It seems that I can hear a clearer /d/ in BE than in AE. Now I want to know if it's only AE makes that /d/ almost inaudible?

Thanks in advance!
maybe you are saying "a-duh-vertisement", but I'm afraid no one can be sure what your problem is unless you record your voice and post a clip. It's impossible to talk about these things without an audio clip for reference. Or just post the clips from those dictionaries.
I can only tell you that consonant clusters (more consonants together) are pronounced together so you don't hear all of the consonants, but the result sounds like there are some "holes" or "pauses" instead of some consonants. it's all a matter of how much you release those consonants...
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Thank you Kooyeen very much!