I am trying to find out if 'damnit' is more proper that 'dammit', and am convinced that it is but would love a second supporting opinion. people online say dammit is correct but their evidence is weak (that it sounds better or that's just how they've seen it spelled), whereas I want to use 'damnit' because the base word is 'damn' with it's conjugations including damning and damned. I thought 'damnit' was a form of damn, but maybe that was my original mistake. Anyway, any well supported information on the subject would be greatly appreciated
Use 'dammit' or 'damn it'.

Everybody should bookmark the OneLook site, which searches a large number of free online dictionaries.

Click here to read about 'dammit' and then change the headword to 'damnit' for some pretty conclusive evidence,

Neither term is 'proper', in the sense that you shouldn't use it in polite situations.

In other situations, it is usually spoken, so spelling is not a big issue.

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My opinion is that the correct spelling is "damnit". I know this spelling from years of reading comic books. If I were writing something more formal, then I'd just avoid using the word/phrase altogether.

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