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What do you think of Dan Brown's books? As for me, I really like them. Some say that the plots of his books are similar which is true but his books are interesting to read all the same. I like it that he can easily communicate complex things to a reader. You don't have to always have an encyclopedia at hand to get what he means.
I have only read one of his books, 'The DiVinci Code', I thoroughly enjoyed it. He does do a good job of bluring fact with fiction so the reader cannot be sure where fact finishes and fiction begins, a technique which draws you into the story more I think. The book is sold in the 'fiction' area of bookshops so that indicates what it is.
Have you read the Harry Potter series? Alot of adults enjoy reading those and I am told they are an easy read also.

I have read both "The Da Vinci Code" and another of his books "Digital Fortress". You are right that the plots are similar but still enjoyable. Maybe the details he goes into to make the settings more believable are what make them interesting too. He's good at creating cliff-hanger endings at the end of each chapter. They just make you want to read more.
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Robyn Terri
I'm reading 'The Da Vinci Code' now. I have read about half of it so far. Like I said and Woodward bore me out the plots are pretty similar but still enjoyable. I have read the HP series apart from the last book. I wanted to buy it while I was in Canada this summer but the price was high enough, so I decided to wait for the next summer. I hope the price goes down a little bit by that time :-) You're right that they're an easy read. BTW, is the last HP book the big read in Australia now?

You're right in saying that Brown's good at creating cliff-hanger endings at the end of each chapter. You want to read more and more to learn more and more Emotion: smile

I'm wondering if Dan Brown's books are criticized in Chile, NZ, Australia and other English-speaking countires? I just read a pretty interesting discussion on a Russian site. Mosts of the guys come to the same conclusion as we do. But none of us said anything about whether facts Brown writes about in all his books are true. I think it's a very interesting topic to discuss. It's said that people who have never read any kind of religious books and people who have never read anything about symbolics usually believe in what Dan Brown tells them. But people who are good at the studies mentioned find a lot of factual mistakes in Brown's works. Have you ever heard of that?
I read few of Dan Brown's books, some i enjoyed more then the others, but what i truly like about his books is that after reading there is a lot to think about. While reading i do reaserch of the things that caught my attention, i find it very educational.

I think that Dan Brown's books is very hard me. I like see movie (Dan Brown) The Da Vinci Code ? I see this film 7 times and remember many dialogs. I really like this movie . I will read Dan Brown's books next year. Becouse next year I will know English good. I lean English every day 3 hours.

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