hello all. i'm new to the forum, but not new to english. i'm looking for a few good sites on proper english grammar, but not sites that cater to ESL or EFL. i need meatier topics!! thanks for your help.

before anyone sends links to news groups, i already subscribe to alt.english.usage and alt.usage.english. thanks for all your help in advance!

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chris mccabe
Hi Chris,
Welcome to the forum. This site is a place to learn and share thoughts about English and whatever happens to be going around at the time.
Your title made me laugh. It made me think straight away about how Xmas ornaments dangle from the tree, I mean, what other meaning could there be.
As for meatier topics, what do you propose?
Please excuse this somewhat frivolous post, but the title of this thread reminded me of an old advertisment for Lipton's Tea Bags.
The ad. posed the question, "Are you a jiggler or a dangler?"