I know all the three above are sweet forms to call someone. Can they be used for friends or just for dates?? Is there a degree among those adjectives??

Hi Kekel,

Don't use honey or sweetheart with friends.

However, sometimes a "darlin' " sneaks in as a term of affection for a coworker with whom I have a friendship, but NEVER for one of the other sex. As in "There you go, darlin' " when I give her something that I worked on for her. I also have a few friends that I refer to as "Sugarplum" but it's just a joke.
My advice would be to forget all three of these words. Don't use them at all until you marry an American or British man. Then use them only when addressing your husband.

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That's why learning a language is not that easy as it may seem... !!

thanks a lot G Geek!!
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Very good advice! Emotion: wink
You may call your friends darling,sweetheart or honey if you want to sound gay or humorous.