I would like to ask about the date format. I read about the international date format which recommend generally. 2009-05-19 This is it.

I want to write the date format consistentally on my website. There is news article board (List of article titles and date ) but I don't have much space so I need shorter format of date but readable and

not confused. and For event calendar, there are events period I have to mention.

2009-5-19 ~ 2009-06-23 is too long..

What is the best way to write the date format shorterly?

Thanks a lot

To avoid confusion about the format used for dates, paper and online forms often explicitly state the format used.

eg Date of birth

(yyyymmdd) ____

With regard to showing from/to periods, I would say the tilde mark is not widely understood to mean 'to'. I'd recommend using the word 'to' instead.

You say that you are short of space. However, here's what I think about that.

To make your site friendly to users, you need to make it easy to use and to understand. If that means redesigning it to make more space available, then that's a good thing to do.

If your page is too full of characters, it will be unattractive and difficult to use. You need to have a good amount of 'empty space'.

Best wishes, Clive


Please note that this may confuse Americans because our standard is month/day/year. for example: Americans will read 09-05-18 as September 5th 1918 or possibly 2018.

Also, shorterly is not a word. It is just shorter.
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I agree that reformatting is the best solution.