Please tell me the difference between dated and outdated, between well-off and rich and between prolong, delay and extend
1. It was a fashionable film years ago, but it looks ____ now.
A. Dated B. outdated
I am very confused because both words mean old-fashion.
2. He may have a nice house, a nice car and be able to afford to go on nice holidays, but you couldn’t say he was ____
A. Well-off B. rich
Again, well-off and rich both mean wealthy.
3. The police asked the kidnappers to ___ the deadline by six hours
A. Prolong B. lengthen C. extend
This time I don't know what to choose among these three words similar in meaning.
1) Dated means that you recognize the item as being of an older generation. It might be produced now, but is still useful or enjoyable, and has an old-fashioned appeal. Outdated means no longer produced or no longer useful. For example, software for DOS or Windows version 3.1 is outdated software.. Software becomes quickly outdated, because the technology changes so fast.
2) Someone who is well-off can afford all the things they need to live, and occasionally some luxuries. Someone who is rich has more money than they need - and can buy very expensive cars, jewelry, designer clothes, several houses, servants. Someone who is well-off can afford to go on vacations, someone who is rich could fly in their own private jet.
3) Extend is the best choice - in this context, it means to delay the deadline and move it to a later time. Extend also means to reach out. I extended my hand to him. Lengthen means to make the same thing longer (continuous, one dimension). Days lengthen in the springtime and shorten in the fall. I took my skirt to the tailor to have it lengthened. Prolong means to go on for a longer time in the same way - modern medicine can prolong life. His ordeal was prolonged because the rescuers were delayed.
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So, number 1 is dated, 2 is rich and 3 is extend.