What day is March the nineth two thousand and six?


What day is the nineth of March two thousand and six?

I'm quite sure that they are both correct but I just need a final confirmation that I am correct. And the expected answer is "It is Friday", right?

I'd tend to say either:

What day of the week was March the ninth two thousand and six?


What day of the week was the ninth of March two thousand and six?

And the answer would be:

It was a Thursday.Emotion: wink
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Thanks for the corrections! Actually I intended to say two thousand and seven.

Well, do you say the following:

"What day is today?" or "What day of the week is today?"

The answer would be:

"It is Sunday " or "It is a Sunday"?
People (including me Emotion: smile) frequently ask "What day is today?" however, this question sometimes results in an answer giving the date rather than the day of the week. So adding 'of the week' can help you avoid that possibility.

I'd omit the word 'a' before the day of the week today, usually omit 'a' when talking about a day in the current week and use 'a' if I were talking about a day of the week not in the current week.

Today is Sunday.

Yesterday was Saturday.

March 5th is Tuesday./Tuesday is the fifth of March.

New Year's Day was (on) a Monday this year.

Independence Day is (on) a Wednesday this year.