Which day of the week is an anagram for a common noun? (The noun is a word you know, but not one you hear all the time.) Give the day of the week and the anagram.Emotion: star
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Hey where are you wise guys??[N]
Dj BuenoHey where are you wise guys??[N]
You mean the RidSoC? Speaking for myself, I'm STUCK! Emotion: crying

No hints please unless someone else asks - I want to work this one out.

- Joy [N]
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TearsofjoyYou mean the RidSoC?

Of course I do. Come on Joy,I believe you can figure this out! Though it is a toughie Emotion: big smile
May I ask what kind of noun DjB?

OK then, let me tell u only this --> it starts with "d".
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Monday will give Dynamo! Emotion: big smile
Nope Eargasms. I got the real answer.

The answer is: "dynamo".

Remember? DjB told us "it starts with 'd'". Emotion: wink



P.S.: Well done Ear! Emotion: big smile
EargasmsMonday will give Dynamo! Emotion: big smile
GOOD JOB dude! Emotion: smile
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