Is there anything like the De Kretser Syndrome?
Let's you and me try to connect.

OK, I'm getting something. I think that right now you are seeing a computer monitor.

Am I right?

You googled and you saw the Smallville results, huh?Emotion: nodding
I'm just curious if there's a mention of such thing in real life?
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Don't know.
But I don't think "mainstream" scientists give much credence to psychic abilities.

Thanks anyway, Clive!
whats with the de kretser syndrome I am a de kretser I know we have connections around the world i have learnt we r a noble set of people from Holland. I like to know more about r ancestors and why is it a syndrome.
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I think it's just something invented by the writers of the TV show.

I am a de kretser and i have the geneology of the dekretses i hear they were noble people from holland I also heard that its a name of a suburb in Holland known as DEKRETCHER but when the british went to Sri-Lanka they changed it to de kretser. I recently got connected to heaps of de kretsers around the globe and some where along the line we r all connected this is awesome I dont understand the syndrome part though.
I don't know anything about the syndrome -- does it involve a genetic inablility to capitalize "I" and spell "are"?
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