hi, everyone.

i have a query about the use/meaning of "deal with sb."

the context goes as follows:

I rent a house near a road. unfortunately a tree growing in the garden fell down onto the road nearbly, thus blocking the traffic. the police called at my house and asked me to remove the tree and pay a fine of 500 dollars for all the trouble made by the fallen tree. then i told them that i am the tenant merely and "please deal with the landlord directly" because it is his house and his tree.

so could someone tell me if i'm correct in using "deal with" in the above way. thanks
Actually, I think "deal with" is better than "talk to" in this situation. The situation must be dealt with, not talked about. Good choice!
It is fine.
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it is ok up to my Knowledge. may be it is better to say "talk to"
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