What is your opinion on using "Dear All," in business emails when addressing to a group of people? Is this too informal? Or has it been an accepted usage?

The situation is that I know all the recipients but I can't find a simple term that can represent all of them. The recipients include my colleagues and external parties. There are a number of alternatives but I think none of them fits in the situation.

Dear Sirs - sexist
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen - seems too formal and outdated
Dear Colleagues - not all of them are colleagues, some are external parties
Dear (name of committee, etc.) Members - not all of them are members

Do you have any other suggestions?

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I guess if you're writing to your enemy you wouldn't use the word "dear" though !!!

On the contrary, my experience of British customs in such matters is that one is more polite in communicating with one's enemies or with people that have offended one.

Best wishes, Clive
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I came here googling for the words "dear all", which to me seems redundant these days, what with the internet being a "stream of consciousness" sort of thing. But ever so often I see people (usually those who are struggling with English as a second or third language) using this. I have to say, the two words together do look out of place. Put it bluntly, it's as if the speaker wants to hold everybody's hands, much the same way as the 419 spammers do, in their emails that begin with "Dear". No name, only "dear".

Anyway on the Google hits page I also found this .

I hope I live to see the day when everyone can simply start a forum post or an email without any greeting. "Dear all" just smacks of being addressed by someone you don't want to hear from, ever.

On a Forum like this, however, the other extreme is that some people post tersely with a total lack of courtesy. No 'please, no 'thank you', often not even a simple question but instead just a sentence thrown at the volunteers.

I hasten to add that not everyone is like that.

However, my point is that one doesn't want to eradicate every human touch. I'm sure you agree.

Best wishes, Clive
Dear everyone isn't well?
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I'd make more or less the same comments as I did about 'Dear All'.

Dear Everyone ?

Please take the time to read the thread before you post to it.

Thank you,

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I like "Good morning" or "Good afternoon" depending on the time of day. (Or perhaps "Good Noon (GMT)" if you send it exactly at 12:00)

Otherwise "Good day" or "Greetings" or "Good day all,"
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