Can someone tell me if it is Dear All, or Dear all, when starting a letter to a group?


Starting a letter this way is rather informal, so there are no absolute rules. I'd favour Dear All.

You might also consider things like Hello Everyone, To All Tenants, Please Note.

Best wishes, Clive
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I generally use when i start to write a letter to group

Dear All,

Please find enclosed........

Best Regards

Thanks very much!
Hi there

I prefer using Dear all. Dear is usually followed by a proper noun and therefore, the name following Dear is starts with a capital letter. Since "all" is not a proper noun, it doesn't need to start with a capital letter. Visually too, Dear all looks more appealing.

I hope this helps.

AnonymousCan someone tell me if it is Dear All, or Dear all, when starting a letter to a group?


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I would disagree with the above user on both counts. Dear all looks like an error as there is usually a capital following Dear. For example, Mr Jones, Dr Smith, are capitlised as are personal names. If one wishes to use "all" as a form of address then surely it does become a proper noun. Furthermore, I would suggest that the precedent is set with, Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Dear Tenants. It seems obvious to me that the correct form is Dear All.

Hope that helps.
Why do you compare "all" to a person name or appeal as "Madam, Sir or Tenants". Makes no sense.
When sigining off a letter 'regards' should not have an initial capital letter. The sign off should read 'Best regards' not 'Best Regards'. The same applies to 'Yours sincerely' and 'Yours faithfully'.
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Personally, I prefer "Dear all", because if you write"Dear All" it would seem like you're writing a letter to someone named "All"
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