Hi all,

Maybe my question is a silly one,but I need an answer,so plz answer
I want to send and email with the same content to two difrent persons
who both should know about the situation,and if I put one of them in
BCC or CC it would be impolite.and also if I send two emails seperateley
,they will send it to each other and it wont be good.
So is it acceptable if I start my email like this:
Dear Dr....,
Dear Dr....,
or Dear Dr..XXX..and Dr.YYY...

What do you recommend?

I would send two emails anyway, but if you want to send one, then the greeting should be Dear Dr. X and Dr. Y:
The suggestion of Mister Micawber is excellent! It doesn't take a long time to send another mail. So I think you should send 2 mails. Or you rephrasre the 2nd mail, use synonyms if you are afraid that they will forward your mail to each other! Emotion: wink

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Dear Amir,

That's a good question, especially when you write a letter with a persain background in mind.

You should begin your letter with " Messrs. " and then write the surnames of the ones, if the addressees are both male. Do not forget to separate them with a comma " , ".

Otherwise, you have to write both names, using a separating comma between them.

Wish you good luck...!
I would do:

Dear Drs. __ and __,
What if they are married with the same last name? Dear Drs. Smith?
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With compliments
Office of the Finance Ministry of Finance (FMF)

Hello ,

Let me start by introducing myself.

I am Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Ministry Of Federal Ministry of Finance,(FMF)
I am interested to have an establishment in your country with investment
capital of $165 Million USD. Now that our Government will soon be out of office
for the new Govenrmant.bank to bank wire transfer to Your bank account

Do you have any viable project we can invest in?, if YES, I would like to
know more about these projects. Do you have any written business plan(s)
on these projects? Where is the location of these projects?

As my tenure in office comes closer, I look intend to invest into
infrastructure development and economic renewal by having active business
presence in strategic positions in secure areas of this world with keen
interest to invest into various businesses like petrol station, real estate, Oil and Gas,
farming, Industry, establishing a company, etc, in
your country.

If you are interested in my proposal and you do not have adequate
experience, you can work with me as a trustee consultant by bringing me in
contact with reliable and capable company owners with most needed
experience and expertise to manage such partnership for mutual benefit.
I also have another plan of moving around $400 million dollars for oil business
to your account but that will be after this one is successfully concluded.


Let me hear from you asap.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.
Federal Ministry Of Finance
National House Of Assmbly Complex
Senate House -Upper Chambers Wuse District,
Abuja Fct Nigeria.
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