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Please help me check this IELTS Writing task 1-Table

The given table illustrates the rents for a property with one, two or three bedrooms in three different areas of London, and annual salaries needed to rent in areas.

Overall, it is clearly seen that the properties in Fulham have the cheapest prices, and salaries needed to rent these properties are the lowest among 3 areas. By contrast, the highest salaries needed are in Notting Hill, where the property prices in are the most expensive.

In Fulham, the prices have range from 215 £ per week for a one bedroom property to 600 £ per week for a property having three bedrooms. To afford this, people just need annual salaries from 56,500 £ to 157,500 £. Whereas, people having salaries needed between 98,500 £/ year and 194,000 £/year could rent a property in Notting Hill with the prices from 375£/week to 738£/ week depending on how many bedrooms they want. As for the prices of properties in Regent’s Park, it is more reasonable to rent the properties with salaries required from 85,500 to 170,500 £ in every year.

Dear teacher,

Please help me check this IELTS Writing report.

EnGoNow English215 £

You should put the pound sign before the number. You also should not leave a space between them.

EnGoNow EnglishIn Fulham, the prices have range from

The red part is superfluous.

EnGoNow Englishhaving three bedrooms.

This is not natural. With would be a better choice.

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