My life is here
My death is here
I know not another door
I know not another path
Should the winds drag me
To the end of the world
My rainbow of sorrow
would paint a way
For the Time to falter
And Death to follow.
The night is escaping
sleep is evading.
black clouds are dancing
in the middle of the night.
sleep is a vagabond.
As my heart is on fire.
Dreams are angry on me
and all hopes are scattered.
my heart is thirsty
though my eyes
are flowing rivers.
Will I ever see you again?

There is nothing
lacking in life
except you.
I feel like crying
putting my face
in your bosom.
When u pass by
In my memories
the footsteps echo.
my solutide is humming.
my life is calling your life.
Will you ever see me again?
Very well written.
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Thanks Radrook
But this second poem is not written for death, is it?
It is... please read carefully...
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