The Constitution states that everyone has the right to live. During the last years, with all barbarian and cruel crimes I have seen, I wonder if Death Penalty is not a point to be considered.
Everyday I get shocked with different crimes I see on the newspaper and everyday these crimes look worse and worse and situation don't seem to ever get better. Homicides, murders, mass murder, killings of children, old people and the list goes on and on. Pointing out one certain crime to call it worse is really a difficult task.
I hear all the time "Killing an assassin would not bring the victim back to life". I agree, that really would not, but that would be the only way to make sure that someone wouldn't kill again . Just the other day, I read on the newspapers about two men who killed an entire family just because "they did not have as much money as they expected". Yes, that's the kind of crimes we're talking about. These men will cost around U$ 400 each to the public funds and we're not sure what it happens when these men will leave the jail.
In my humble opinion, death penalty is the only way to clean up our society for this kind of people (if they can be considered humans) and saving public money. I know the assassin and thives will not leave their business, most of them will keep on killing but once he's locked in a jail, we can be sure that will have been his last killing and he will not be a parasite of public funds.
You've got right. I think sometimes to the people in Florida, where it's allowed to kill somebody (if you feel threatened)
I couldn't live in a state like this for a long time . Perhaps my opinion is false, but it's mine.

Thanks for sharing your opinion, Spin.

I guess people are not that interested on my writings here, except you. Emotion: smile
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In fact, it's a very good text. (writing and thoughts)
Does it gives more states than Florida, where it's allowed to kill someone?

use the word murderer instead of assasain