Still going round in circles.
searching the spiral for the sweetest center
Skipping on the question
Avoiding everything

Like a cool lake I push through the waters
rippling them

I am so destructive!

Drinking and drinking, waiting to give birth

Give birth to everthing, nietzche's dancing star

Give birth to the answer

Quiet like a cat in the streching meadows
Licks himself and ponders a flower
Laments at death
and curls into a ball to sleep
with the death he loves so much

Quiet now,
ever quieter, birth birth birth
birth and death in dreams. I slumber

Let me revitalize you. Please.
Why don't you try
a nice vacation
on a blue boat
in hot sunny weather
with your dearest ones?
You can do it.
You are worth it....!!!!
You have a lot of enery
You have a lot of people
to revitalize you
I am dying
a slow death
I need the truth
to recover my dignity
before it's too late
Will you drop a flower
on my grave?
I couldn't bear to drop a flower
To trivialise the person now buried beneath the earth

Memories are the skin that is shed. Perhaps they deserve flowers.
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Help me die
my sorrows,
your worms
are eating my flesh
stab me to death
kill the smell of
debris inside my heart
ruins inside my head
my lord, my king, my love
die with me
a peaceful death.
I cannot die
I am immortal
I suffer for eternity