WARNING BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER: Your English speaking skills must be at least intermediate level to join this competition.

We'll change the teams and the preposition every week, so you can subscribe to this topic to keep being informed.

Debate rules

1. We introduce ourselves.
2. Each debater gives a speech which is at least 3 minutes and at most 10 minutes long.
3. Debaters ask questions to/answer questions from the members of the opposite side.
4. Debaters take questions from the audience.
5. Each debater gives a final speech with the same time limit.
6. The members of the audience vote on the side they found more convincing to decide the winner.
7. We say our goodbyes.

We're going to hold this every Satuday. You'll have 3 to 7 days to make your preparations. I need to know all debaters by Thursday. We will make new groups for each debate. I'll be the host, there'll be two debaters for each team and the audience will be limited to two people. These numbers can change in time. I want you to be polite, use your best manners and respect even though you don't agree with other side's opinion.

Add me on your contact list if you have questions or to let me know whether you want to be in the audience or take place in one of the debate teams.

My Skype ID: removed by moderator. Please refer to poster's profile.

Thank you for reading this. I'll be waiting to hear from you.
Looks like fun ! Good luck.
Please note that your use of preposition is incorrect.
The word you are looking for is proposition, or maybe topic.
Hello. I want to participate in your group. Please add me. Vototam. I dont know that this id can be remove or not. @[email protected]
Nice to meet you.
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Is this debate still available?

It's that still current ?