It recommends that debt relief should be withheld from six poor countries until they've done more to reform their economies.


What is the meaning of the part in bold?

You know that some poor countries are in debt (they have to pay money to others because they had borrowed from them before or they had bought goods from them without paying them). There is a policy that richer countries decide to erase, or reduce the amount . Debt relief is the reduction policy. Because those 6 poor countries have not done the required economic reforms mentioned in negotiations or whatever, it is decided not to reduce the amount of debt until they do so (go for the reforms).
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The timing of the memo is crucial as the IMF board is about to decide the final form of a debt relief plan.


can you tell me the meaning of the timing of the memo?:)
memo: a message or other information in writing sent by one person or department to another in the same business organization

So, when the memo is sent (in this case, the memo is sent by one of the investigating members of IMF to the decision making members of the organization) is very important in the final decision about debt relief plan. (It should be sent on time, not too late to be analyzed, ...)
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