I've been trying to find the equivalent of French "humour décalé" in English.
It may be a vain question, for it's hard to define the kind of humour. I'd say you find that in the Mounty Pythons films, or " a fish called Wanda" (no wonder), and in French "RRRrrrr"...
Any idea?
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I have no idea how 'decale' fits in, but I would call Monty Python 'zany'.
offbeat humo(u)r?
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I don't know "zany" (will have to look it up); in my mind "décalé" had to be odd- something (my best guess was "offtune", so I'll go for "offbeat", Thanks to all!!! (f) (f) (f)
zany means 'dingue'
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Thanks, Amandine, that's what I saw when I checked. The Monty Pythons'humour is surely "dingue", but I'd say it is more than that. Have you seen 'RRRrrrr"?
No, I haven't seen Rrrr (I don't know how many 'r'!!), because all the opinions i have heard of it weren't tempting and the trailer didn't attract me much.
I think there are 7 r's
I know about the opinions & critiques, but I find it very refreshing... My young son likes it too, so we watch it and have a laugh together.
If you're feeling blue one night, it's a good move...
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