For more than twelve months now, we, the Negro citizens of Montgomery have
been engaged in a non-violent protest against injustices and indignities experienced
on city buses. We came to see that, in the long run, it is more honorable to
walk in dignity than ride in humiliation. So in a quiet dignified manner, we decided
to substitute tired feet for tired souls, and walk the streets of Montgomery
until the sagging walls of injustice ( ) crushed by the battering rams of
surging justice.


In the "( )", what phrases should be most appropriate?

I guess the correct answer should be "were".

I wonder what the opinions of Forum Gurus are.

were? lay?

The original speech has, as you probably know, 'had been'.

Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
As always, thanks a lot Clive....

I don't get why "had been" was used there....

Is there any specific reason?

Is it plainly wrong usage of English language?

King was a great orator. I guess he thought it sounded better that way.
Oratory is not just about grammar. Emotion: wink