Hi. It's my first post here. I'm hoping you'll help me with my question. Listening to a podcast, I've had a hard time deciphering some words/phrases in the podcast. So i'd like to share one part that I found to be difficult, at least, for me. https://voca.ro/1omVsJqG4SuY Normally I hear it like "... we're feeling bored and lonely" but at a much lower speed it's like " if you're feeling", which makes more sense in the context.


It's suitable to say: "If you're feeling bored and lonely" but to me, she said, "You're feeling bored or lonely."

Even if she said what I heard, I'm sure that she meant "If you're feeling bored or lonely..." or in the case that you're feeling bored or lonely. It's just the way a person speaks, I think. In writing, she would pay more attention.

It's better to wait for the teachers' responses, though.

blue ladder 747at a much lower speed

How do you slow it down? I don't see any controls on that web page that could do that.


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Moonriseshe said, "You're feeling bored or lonely."

Yes. That's also what I heard.


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Thanks for your response. it's not available on that platform. Actually, I did it on my desktop . I'm going to upload a slower version of the audio so that you can check it out for yourself.