Lord Graves: It's an unmitigated catastrophe,
Prime Minister. This song-and-dance man (clown?)from the colonies...
It's the end of everything that we hold dear. They value?

Cedric: And please try to keep in mind that Jones
will need a certain period of adjustment.

Lord Graves: He's American.
He's impervious to adjustment.
Better to declare his line at an end than Put an end to his dynasty's reign?
sub ject (the same as subjest=put through?) England to this embarrassment.

Cedric: Are you suggesting that we have no king at all?

Lord Graves: Certainly not. Simply choose a king
from the House of Stuart, who (refering to the whole House, right?)reigned in glory before the
Wyndhams. Make theirs a royal line again.

Cedric: That would be your line, Lord Graves,
making you next in line for the throne.
Lord Graves: Yes, I believe it would.
Yes to everything.

Thanks, Clive!