He is also accused of gross dereliction of duty for then leading the police investigation into the robbery.

This led to a raid on a flat in Gorby and the arrest of two people on suspicion of carrying out the crime.

His defence solicitor said the client was "deeply regretful" and did not know why he carried out the robbery.

"He is disconsolate about what he did, both in relation to his family and to others who are affected by the robbery," he said. "He cannot give any reasonable explanation for it."

The amount of money stolen has not made public, but is said to be sizeable, Reuters news agency reported.

What is the meaning of deconsolate?

I know the meaning of console. You can console someone to alleviate sorrow or pain.
Careful of the spelling, Andrei-- it's 'disconsolate'--

Have a look at [url="http://www.onelook.com/?w=disconsolate&ls=a "]ONE LOOK[/url].
Hello Andrei

Disconsolate = 'unable to be consoled'; 'beyond consolation'. But now we often use it to mean not much more than 'very sad'.