Dear All:

Please advise, how can a guy like me who can comes in English speaking world from Russia decrease (or possibly eliminate) my accent. I do have great friends to ask for corrections. Though quite often, even after numerous corrections, I still end up mispronouncing some words or pronounce them indiscretly. I like my friends and would not want to pester them with "How do you say this, and how do you say that ?" all the time.

Is there a common approach/system/place where people with a need like mine can use?

Thank you very much.

Hi Alek,

You can try asking those questions here, we can help most of the time.. (Ie: Give us examples of problems and we'll pronounce them in audio files for you)
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Very true..
Hello, Alek.

English is a second language to me, the pronunciation of which I learnt by (initially) trying to immitate as closely as possible that of a native speaker. I would tape about a minute of news programmes (such as the World Service of the BBC) and play the tape again and again until I was satisfied with the results, ie, my pronunciation and intonation were very close to that of the person I was listening to.

I also managed to learn about certain english sounds that had no equivalent in my mother tongue, such as the 'a' in ant, the 'th' in that and thanks, the distinction between the long /i/ sound in seat and the short /i/ sound in sit. Undertanding how to pronounce them correctly gave a great boost to my pronunciation of english words.

For a long time now, whenever I speak to someone on the phone, I have often been asked which part of England I come from. Well, not bad for a non-native speaker.

Good luck.
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Hello Kleber!
Dont worry about the accent. Gradually and unknowingly you will be imitating the native accent.
Mohammed Ali.