"'It is not surprising that Titian signed this [the Annunciation] work with an unusual formula, Titianus fecit fecit, “made it and remade it,” that is, almost unmade it. The fact that radiographs revealed under this writing the usual formula faciebat does not necessarily mean that we are dealing with a later addition. On the contrary, it is possible that Titian deleted it precisely in order to stress the peculiarity of his work, which, as [Carlo] Ridolfi suggested—possibly referring to an oral tradition that dated back to Titian— those who commissioned it deemed to be “not reduced to perfection.”' (Giorgio Agamben, Creation and Anarchy)

Do you have any idea about what the phrase 'Ridolfi suggested ... those who commissioned it deemed to be “not reduced to perfection"' might mean?


Agamben uses an obsolete meaning of "reduce". Today we would say "not brought to perfection." The obsolete word comes from a stock expression unknown today, it seems, reported by Ridolfi, who died in 1658. It is not fair of Agamben not to warn us.


Thank you, friend, I got it.