How would you teach the form ‘(be) going to + infinitive’ used for future plans to a pre-intermediate class?

Outline your lesson plan using the following headings as a guideline.

Warmer / Lead in
Presentation (in a suitable context) and drilling
Controlled practice activity
Production (a personalised communicative activity)

Briefly say what you would do for each stage of the lesson (in bullet point). Each of the four stages above may contain more than one activity.

Remember to include examples of the sentences you will present and your students will practise. The sentences should follow this pattern: Subject + 'am/ is /are going to + verb' and they should express future plans.

Also include concept questions you would use to check understanding. (Min 200 words).
You are obviously not doing very well in your course. You are not even able to disguise your assignment as a genuine question that you personally would like to know the answer to. Placing your assignment on a forum in a blatant attempt to pass off someone else's work as your own is really absurd.

This looks like a pre-course task for a TEFL certificate course. I think that the course providers want your answer, not ours.
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Welcome to the forum, Brendan.

Perhaps you did not notice that you were coming into a thread that was three years old. Perhaps you have also not been around long enough yet to know that it is forum policy not to do people's assignment for them. If you stay around a little longer, you'll soon learn that we don't generally go around slagging each other off.