when to use the word" was and were"
You say "was" for past tense when it is singular:
Eg: I was going to speak
You use "were" when it is past tense and plural
Eg: We were going to speak.
You can also use "were" for wishful thinking
Eg: I wish I were a boy.
Thank you for your reply
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Hi Michael Tod,
You question is quite vague without a context, it is difficult to offer you a correct answer. But in a nut shell, "was" is the past tense of "is" which we used on pronouns such as "he", " she" and "it". For examples: He / she was late for work this morning.

"Were " is the past tense used on pronouns: They, you, we and people in general. I.e. We were watching movie at home last night.

However, "were" is used in subjunctive contexts as well. i.e. If I were John's boss, he would have been fired long time ago.
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Hello. Is is correct? If im going to use this grammar?

" seeing a plane for the first time was a big privileged."

Thank you for the response.

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When stating,

AP, lateral and oblique views of the right ankle was obtained.


AP and lateral views of the bilateral wrists were obtained.

Which is correct or are both incorrect and why?