As per the telephonic discussion, please find the attachment of my last month pay slip for your reference & also I receive an mail from Anu Joseph for the commencing of interview on dated 3rd Sep 2012 @11.00 AM.
I will come on 3rd Sep 2012 @11.00 AM for further discussion.

is the above sentence is correct please confirm
Hello, Sunil—and welcome to English Forums.

If you write like that, you will put your reader to sleep immediately! Be brief and clear:

I have attached my last month's pay slip. Also, I received an email from Anu Joseph about an interview on September 3rd at 11.00 AM, which I will attend.
Thanks, Can I get the reply in five/5 minutes. Because it will be more helpful for me to make the mail conversations immediately.
Try out our live chat room.
Absolutely not. This is a free service,and we are all doing this voluntarily and in our own good time.