Hello everybody!
I´m looking for an english penfriend Who is interested? Emotion: smile
Best wishes, Steffi
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Hi Steffi
It would probably be useful if you could give some details of your age, which country you live in and your interests. Then you may find someone here who has similar interests.
Best wishes
So true, it's really hard to reply to someone with no picture or any info
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Hello Mo,
I´m 16 years old and from Austria Emotion: wink
I´m intersested in horse-riding, singing and playing the guitar.
I hope you can help me Emotion: smile
Thanks for trouble,
Okay, I´m 16 years old and I live in Austria.
My hobbies are horse-riding, singing and playing the guitar Emotion: wink
Best wishes,
Steffi Emotion: smile
Hi Steffi I'm from the Philippines and I prefer not to say my age hahaha...but I am older than you, I'm like your older sister already, why do you need a penfriend? Nowadays technology offers a lot of ways to communicate facebook, YM, english forums etc. I'm interested in communicating whenever I have the time I have the liking to know other people and culture I can play the guitar, sing----but not-so-good Emotion: big smile I study ------piano, I love to dance and I like English Emotion: smile. How about you? I bet you're still studying maybe in school or in a university...
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I want to have a Penfriend via e-mail (So it would be probably better to write :I´m looking for an e-mail friend Emotion: smile)
Im looking for a pen-e-mail-friend because I want to communicate with people from other countries and I want to upgrade my english Emotion: smile.
I am at a college fo nursery school education Emotion: smile.
Best wishes,
Steffi Emotion: smile
Are You still looking for? I'm available
Federica, F, 16, From Italy. I love Horses music And Banksy. I'm a runner


I'm Natalia from Russia.

I'm looking for a pen-e-mail friend to upgrate my English. I can tech you Russian if you want.

I'm 48 and I like english , Musik,Literature

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