How to learn English effectively?
I have tried many ways
and one of the ways that the software is downloaded from googleplay
Thus I save a lot of time, cost, and my IELTS score is 7.5. Not bad.
I have 1 app list that I found great. Often I learn on software "Study English" of MPL.
it was wonderful.
It has everything I need.
you can find it here:play
You discover yourself.
That is my experience.
I wish you success
Thanks for sharing. I'll check it soon.

To learn English effectively, you have to ensure that you're having lots of speaking practice every day. This can help you to improve your speaking skills and enable yourself to utilize the language for communication in real-time. Also, you have to practice listening and reading every day. You can even try out a new language and experiment with words. Keep your learning process interesting and relevant. Plan your learning ahead and use your resources well. In addition, make sure you're spending your time doing useful activities.