Any prospective MBA out there? What is like as candidate applying for English speaking business schools.
For MBA programs in the US, the single most important thing is your undergraduate record, the grades you got as an undergrad. The higher the better. Your undergrad degree can be in anything: business, science, math, literature, music, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, theater, etc. A person with a B.A. in say, music, will not be at a disadvantage when applying to business school, compared to a person with a B.A. in business administration. In fact, in the US, the person with the B.A. in business will be at a slight disadvantage, compared to a person with a B.A. in, say, art. US MBA programs encourage a diversified class, that is, they generally want people with undergrad degrees other than in business.

You'll also have to take either the GMAT or the GRE, it doesn't matter which one. Of course, a good score will help you, but nothing will make up for a lackluster undergrad record. That is, a very high test score and bad grades will get you rejected.

The school will also want your resume if you worked for a time after getting your undergrad degree. An impressive work record will help you, and may even compensate in some measure for an unimpressive undergrad record.

Letters of recommendation are also required.

But the most important thing is your undergrad record.