Could you please correct it?

I am waiting for your document.

It's not wrong.

In some contexts, you might wish to add more politeness. In others, you might not.

The sentence needs no correction.
But, as Clive said, it could be construed as a bit abrupt.
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I got today morning your (expenses of March 2017) for review and there is a small error in calculation for ( Hotel CARTAGO).

in receipt is the total amount 89,10 but in (Business Trip Disursment Report) 81 Euro.

Could you please correct it and send it again to me

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Today I received your expense claim for March 2017. There is a small error in calculation for Hotel Cartago. The total amount on the receipt is 89,10 Euros, but in your Business Trip Disbursement Report it is 81 Euros. Please correct and resubmit it.

Could you Please rectify it.

Could you please rectify it?

Rectify is not wrong, but correct is more natrural.

Rectify is usually used in the moral sense of atoning for a mistake.

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Could I please have a preliminary report on the no. of awards and the names of the awardees by December 1.

Can you correct it?Due to COVID-19 whole universe faced with unforseen circumstances