Is it pronunced kwestʃən or kweschən please?
I presume you are asking how 'question' is pronounced. tʃ is the IPA symbol for the 'ch' sound in English. The IPA symbol 'c' doesn't represent a sound used in the English language, so the answer to your question is /kwestʃən/.

If you are asking how 'it' is pronounced, it's /ɪt/.
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It seems to me that your renditions are the same, just using differing symbols. [ Using IPA, the English pronunciation of 'ch' is /tʃ/. ]
Sorry, i meant to say is it pronunced with / tʃ / or / ʃ /.
It is pronounced with a / tʃ / . Within connected speech the /s/ is often assimilated to post-alveolar / ʃ / in the face of post-alveolar / tʃ / and would thus be transcribed /'kweʃtʃən/
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Do you think, Karen, that this is really very common? I find it quite difficult to say /ʃtʃ/ in fairly rapid speech. However, I know a very articulate, highly-educated woman who simply cannot say /str/, in any position. She always says /ʃtr/. I have always taken this as an affectation (partly because I'm not very fond of the gal in the first place) or as an impediment. I'm certain she says /kweʃtʃən/ as well. Opinion?
That's an interesting one. It's the way I pronounce it along with most of the people I know, but it may be more of a BrE or regional variant. I would be interested to hear what pronunciation of 'question' other posters use.


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