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Anyway... Could anyone please tell me the difference between "whereas", "however" and "on the other hand"?
How could I write sentences with the words above? Are there any differences in the usage?

I would appreciate it if you could help me!
Thank you in advance,
They are very similar. They are all ways of saying but.
This pen is blue, whereas that one is red.
You can buy this one for $12; however, the other one is better, and it's only $10.
Mike is very clumsy. On the other hand, his brother is quite an athlete.
For me, whereas, beside but/although, also means while and at the same time, which are less contrary, in using a parallel, not an opposition/reservation.

2 : considering that : in view of the fact that : SINCE -- usually used to introduce a preamble (as to a law or contract) that is the basis of a following declaration, affirmation, command, or request

3 a : when in fact : while on the contrary : the case being in truth that -- used to introduce a statement in opposition or contrast to a preceding or sometimes following statement <was spending practically all of his time on the inside dealing with things, whereas his yearnings were to deal more with people -- W.J.Reilly> b : ALTHOUGH<seeing I have once begun, I will speak to my Lord, whereas I am dust and ashes -- Gen 18:27 (NCE)> <whereas it is quite dangerous to draw conclusions ... one cannot avoid being struck with some gross changes -- Abram Kardiner> c : at the same time that : WHILE<its isolation favored the development of a unified and distinctive culture, whereas its nearness to the European continent was a guarantee against a too sharp differentiation from western civilization -- Kemp Malone>
http://unabridged.merriam-webster .
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Thank you CJ!
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I agree with CJ on “however” and “on the other hand”. But “whereas” seems to me has a function of contrast. Here are a couple of scenarios:

1) I don’t see how John and Mary can stay married together for so many years. John loves the outdoor and being around with people whereas Mary likes to stay home and being in the quiet.

2) I havinga difficult time deciding who to pick to head the Shanghai Headquarter. John is experienced, hard-working, however lacking the langauge skill and has a reacting personality; whereas Tony is maticulous, familiar with the culture and has a mellower working temperment.