Hi all,

I've seen both sentences "Someone was the President of ..." and "Someone was President of ...", and they both appear quite commonly.

By the way, I searched both "was President of" and "was the President of", and the former one returned more results, though the latter one return many many results as well.

Now I'm very confused of which one to use, 'the' or no 'the' before the word President?

Thanks a lot!!
Use either one, but I wouldn't capitalize it in the president. I realize that the googled results are a mixture of capitalized and lower case Ps, but was President suggests that it is the person's precise title, while was the president suggests that it is merely the position.
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Mister Micawber! You've just cleared up something that had been bothering me for a long time before I found this nice forum.


Awesome man. ..