Hello everyone.

Sometimes I'm quite confused which rule to follow when it comes to using articles. For example, they say the Eiffel Tour but Buckingham Palace. In both cases the first word is the name of a person. Maybe it's obvious for others but not for me.

Thanks in advance.


You have asked a good question. The Eiffel Tower is more an exception than the rule. In most cases the article is not used in proper nouns consisting of a proper noun and a common noun: Oslo University, London Bridge, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens.


Kristi 591For example, they say the Eiffel Tour but Buckingham Palace.

Those examples are correct.

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It's rather idiomatic. We say what we say!

tower, not tour

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Of course tower. It was my mistake. Thanks for noticing.

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Thank you for the answer. This example is from a grammar book where the authors don't mention it as an exception. Maybe they just don't pay enough attention to what they write.